Video Session

MV NXT GENESIS maiden voyage to Lian Yun Gang, China port

May 27,2023


February 14,2022

Our Strengths

  • 1 ) Various Vessel Types
  • 2 ) Able to accommodate both RORO and LOLO cargos
  • 3 ) Liner Service
  • 4 ) Can customize shipping schedule to address particular needs

Our Business


Type of Cargoes

We provide liner services to handle all types of cargos, such as self-driven vehicles/construction machineries, static cargos, project cargos and plant equipment.


Service Area

Our service network covers transportation between Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, and South East Asian countries.


Vessel Type

We operate PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier) with hoistable decks and MPV (Multipurpose) vessels. MPV is equipped with rampway to load heavy RORO cargos and tandem hydraulic cranes to handle heavy cargo up to 120MT.

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